Acne And Pimples: Here’s How To Differentiate Them

Acne And Pimples: Here’s How To Differentiate Them

A lot of people are not sure how to differentiate pimples from acne. And when this happens, they are not sure how to treat the problem correctly. If you are dealing with the same predicament, you must learn more about identifying your skin issues to find out which solution is the best for you.

Acne vs. Pimples – What’s the Difference?

Acne and pimples are different. Acne is a disease, while pimples are just one of its known and visible symptoms. The acne affects the hair follicles and the oil glands of the skin. Under the skin, the pores are connected to the oil glands that secrets sebum. The glands and pores are then joined by a canal or the follicle – a thin hair growing out of the skins’ surface. Sebum and dead skin cells can clump together and it obstructs the follicle. The bacteria in the plug will result in inflammation which eventually causes red pimples in acne.

Causes of Acne In Men and Women

So how do acne forms? Some triggers can cause them. Acne can be triggered by hormonal changes in women, like puberty, menstrual cycle, or pregnancy. Using skin care products that contain acne triggers can also be the culprit. And sometimes, using steroids or taking any medication is also considered a common acne trigger.

And for both males and females, acne can also form when existing pimples are squeezed or picked, resulting in further inflammation. Pressure from hats, helmets, collars, or backpack straps can also cause acne. And individuals who live in humid areas are more prone to developing acne. It would be best to avoid scrubbing or cleaning your skin vigorously since it can also trigger acne.

Acne Treatment for You

These days, there are plenty of acne treatment solutions for you. There’s no more need for you to live an inferior life, thinking that there’s nothing that you can do to treat your acne. Dermatologists will usually prescribe you a topical retinoid that you can use on your acne. Other than that, there are also other prescription treatments or even over-the-counter medications that you can try.

Good hygiene is also suitable for you. Read on some articles at to help you learn how to care for your skin correctly. Remember that each persons’ skin is different. That means the treatment and skincare routine that your friend is using might not be suitable for you. That is why you must know how to determine whether you have pimples or acne since treatments are different for these conditions.