Can You Still Use Business Cards?

Can You Still Use Business Cards?

Business cards are one of the oldest ways of marketing your business. Instead of being old, they are still extremely popular, and can actually help your business grow in the long run.

However, there are lots of digital ways of marketing and advertising your business used by businesses around the globe these days. Many businesses are considering digital methods over the old printed cards.

In this article, we will tell you if business cards are dead, or they can still be used for marketing purposes. Instead of using our own point of view, we will try to explain things with the statistics.

They Can Increase Sales

Statistics prove that for every 2000 business cards you distribute, your business gets 2.5% more sales. No, this increase might be small for many people who do not like business cards, but small things always add up to benefit your business. Moreover, the price of getting professional looking Black Metal Kards is minimal as compared to the benefit they can bring to your business.

Say, for example, if your business makes $1 million in sales revenue every year, 2.5% of that figure would be $25,000. You will have to spend below $100 to get an additional $25,000 revenue.

Most of The Cards Are Thrown Away

It is also seen that around 90% of the cards are distributed or thrown away quickly. This can be used to prove that business cards are ineffective, and they are a complete waste of money. However, if we see the other side of the picture, we will find out that 10% of the cards are actually kept safe by the receivers, and they can help your business find loyal customers in the long run.

Moreover, websites usually have around 2.5% conversion rate, and business cards still have better conversion rates.