Important note on the Secret nature of cbd flower

Important note on the Secret nature of cbd flower

We do not recommend performing terpene extraction at home. These processes can be hazardous to the operator, especially without the proper equipment, and can generate compounds that are not safe for use in humans.

Do terpenes get you “high”?

This is a question that is frequently asked, as terpenes can be extracted from the cannabis sativa plant that many know as hemp or marijuana. This plant, when inhaled or eaten, can cause various effects, from relaxation to euphoria and anxiety, due to its cannabinoids, THC and CBD.

However, terpenes alone do not produce the effects of marijuana. This is why they are legal substances all over the world. However, these molecules, when combined with cannabinoids (THC and / or cbd flower), can increase the influence of their active ingredients in the brain.

Is it safe to “vape” terpenes?

Vaping for many people is a way to quit smoking cigarettes, as it is possible to inhale nicotine without the tar. Others, however, use this method to inhale cannabinoids that contain terpenes and this can be dangerous to health.

According to some studies, terpenes become toxic when heated and inhaled (such as when they are “vaped”). Therefore, compounds such as benzenes which are carcinogenic, and xylene which is flammable are released.

The “vape” is a less harmful alternative to cigarettes, but this does not mean that it does not involve health risks, be careful.

Who shouldn’t use terpenes?

Secret nature cbd flower and Terpenes have few known side effects. However, they should be used with particular caution by people who could be harmed by their use:

Pregnant women

Babies, children and adolescents

Senior citizens

People who are under treatment for chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, severe parologies …)