Telugu Movie Marathon – Full Movies to Stream on OTT

Telugu Movie Marathon – Full Movies to Stream on OTT

The main reason why comedy movies Telugu are favorite movies around the world is that they narrate great stories with unique characters. Today, thanks to aha’s OTT platform, it is easy to get notified of forthcoming Telugu movies. Regardless of whether you like explosions and fights or movies that make you think, there is something you might like. Hence, let’s get some snacks and sit back home while enjoying a Telugu movie.

1. Keeda Cola

Vaasthu has a condition called Tourette’s, and he lives with his grandpa Varadharaju, selling little gadgets to make money. One day, he accidentally damages one of these gadgets, and his boss takes him to court.

Another day, when Vaasthu buys a soda for his grandpa, they find a bug in it. His lawyer friend, Lancham, suggests they take legal action against the soda company. Along the way, they meet Jeevan, who wants to be a local politician. What happens next is the main part of the story. You can watch the movie “Keeda Cola” on aha video.

2. Most Eligible Bachelor

The story of traditional Indian arranged weddings is portrayed in the film Most Eligible Bachelor. Bommarillu Baskar directed it, featuring Neha Shetty, Pooja Hegde, and Akhil Akkineni as actresses. Such relationships accordingly consist of two spouses marrying without previously knowing each other, which sometimes ends in their displeasure. Through the characters Harsha and Vibha, the director criticizes these conventions. The movie was a hit both in India and internationally, especially in the USA.

Harsha in the US is perceived as the most preferable bachelor due to wealth and status. He’s interested in arranged marriages, which surprises people. Vibha, a comedian in Hyderabad, disagrees with this idea and jokes about marriage in her performances.

3. Sehari

Gnanasagar directed a movie called “Sehari.” It’s a funny love story with actors like Harsh Kanumilli and Simran Choudhary. The score for this movie was 7.4 on IMDb. It’s about a young man named Varun, following heartbreak, who decides to marry someone else hastily. However, he falls for the bride’s sister instead.

Even though the story might seem familiar, Gnanasagar Dwaraka, the director, keeps it interesting with good acting and a fun vibe.

The characters treat themselves casually, making it easy to follow the show. The movie has a niceness, even in heavy situations. It’s a bit like reading a comic book and has similarities to movies by Tharun Bhascker. That’s why it became popular, especially among Telugu audiences in the USA.

4. SR Kalyanamandapam

Director Sridhar Gade made a movie called “SR Kalyanamandapam: Est. 1975” in 2021. It’s a fun movie with romance and action, spoken in Telugu. The main actors are Kiran Abbavaram, Rajsekhar Aningi, and Priyanka Jawalkar. The IMDb rating is 5.7, and it is available on aha video.

The story happens in an old temple called SR Kalyanamandapam in southern India. It’s about a family that owns this temple. The main character, SR Kalyanamandapam, has to fix his relationship with his dad, Dharma. He also has to take care of his son and father and keep a promise to his mom. The movie shows how he manages to fix things with his dad, finds love, and brings back the good name of SR Kalyanamandapam. It was a hit in the USA and other countries, too.


Comedy movies Telugu have many stories, from big adventures to small love stories. The aha streaming service lets you quickly find and watch these great movies. So, why not start watching Telugu films now? Dive into the stories and enjoy the magic of movies, one film after another!

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