How are vinyl floor laid

How are vinyl floor laid

As a rule, a subfloor is laid between the subfloor and the plastic cladding. However, new types of vinyl flooring usually have the best insulation properties and mostly excellent moisture protection, so an additional subfloor is often no longer needed. It is best to get in-depth advice as to whether impact sound insulation is required for your chosen vinyl floor and, if so, which one is particularly suitable wood look vinyl flooring in carmel in.

You have to make sure that the vinyl flooring you buy is from the EU, otherwise there may be dangerous plasticisers in the floor . Once you’ve made sure nothing should stand in the way of the new floor.

A variation of the vinyl flooring would be the snap vinyl flooring , which can also be laid on cork. These are high quality synthetic surfaces equipped with a sophisticated click system.

This means that you can easily lay the vinyl flooring on the cork with a click connection and remove it again. When laying the vinyl on the cork in a floating manner, the individual panels are simply clipped together.

have heard that there should be a protective film between the vinyl cork flooring due to the potential risk of mold. Is this a reasonable option?

The basic idea is that the use of the protective film avoids the risk of mold growth. This is partly true. If you glue such a protective film to the cork floor, the film only protects against moisture penetrating the cork floor from above. However, this also means that moisture cannot escape to the top. This means that mold growth is inevitable sooner or later.

And what else is there to say about it?

As already mentioned above, we do not recommend the use of the protective film!

If there should be a large water leak on your floor then provided you have a snap vinyl floor laid on your cork floor you can simply remove it, dry it and put it back in , this is the big plus of so- called click floor. The need to install impact sound insulation between the vinyl floor and the cork in advance depends on the vinyl floor used.

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