The biblical facts about Michael the archangel

The biblical facts about Michael the archangel

Michael is the most well-known angelic that is in the Bible. And because people find angels to be fascinating. There are a lot of talks about Michael throughout the centuries. Michael has become the most heroic character. It is hard to identify what you have learned about Michael from the Bible or somewhere. You can read about The Book of Michael to learn more about it.

Everyone knows that Michael is an archangel but what is the meaning of it? What are the things Michael accomplished with? What are Michael’s responsibilities?

In the Bible, only Michael calls an archangel

In the Greek word for the archangel, it means chief messenger or chief angel. The word was not used to relate to him in the Old Testament. But another angel called him one of the chief princes.

Michael being called as one of the chief princes expresses that Michael is noble. Yet there are also other archangels in the Bible that do not tell you who they are.

He guards over Israel

In Daniel’s last vision the angel explains the last days for the Jews. Now Michael “the great prince who stands guard over the sons of your people will arise.” in Dan 12:1. The angel mentions Michael as Daniel’s prince in Dan 10:21. In the Bible, it does not say what a “standing guard” involves. Yet it is clear that Michael has responsibilities for Israel.

He challenges Satan

Jude reveals that Michael attests to Satan about the body of Moses. But there was no other information about what the argument was all about. Jude tells that Michael was not bold in saying. “Railing judgment” is sometimes translated as defaming or blasphemous against all demons.

He says four words in the Bible

There are three Greek words that are being translated into four English words. According to Jude 9, Michael says to Satan, “The Lord rebuke you!”.

He is the military commander of other angels

In John’s apocalypse. In the verse Rev 12:7-9. He saw a great war in heaven: Michael and his angels vs the dragon and his angels. The devil and his forces are too weak to remain in heaven, yet, and so they are all thrown down to earth.

He challenges the patron angels in other nations

In the Bible, it did not say that much about Michael the archangel. Most of what they have heard likely comes from extra-biblical sources. That might stop the curiosity but God. It did not have to show anything about Michael which is the existence of archangels. But God has given you a glimpse at all the actions and the personalities in the spiritual realm.