The Characteristics of a Great Yoga Instructor

The Characteristics of a Great Yoga Instructor

There are lots of different types of yoga teachers out there, and we should always choose a teacher who fits our personal learning style. However, there are certain qualities that every good yoga teacher must possess in order to teach their students effectively.

In this article, we will provide you with some of the best characteristics of a good yoga instructor. You should look for these qualities when looking for a great yoga teacher from Marianne Wells Yoga RYT to learn from.

They Seem Authentic

One of the best qualities of a good yoga teacher is that they are always authentic, and they have a positive energy around them because of the passion of teaching they possess. They empower their students, and enhance their confidence to help them learn yoga on a daily basis.

So, no matter what type of yoga teacher you might be looking for, you should look for authenticity and passion for their field. They must be able to teach their students with full focus and passion, as this helps inspire the students to continue their yoga practice.

They Must Have Long Term Self Practice

Our yoga teacher must have years of experience of self practice, and must only teach from his own experiences.A teacher should not stay still, and should advance his knowledge and practice by learning new things.

So, when you are looking for a good yoga teacher, do not only choose a book worm, but choose a yoga teacher who has learned through years of patience and yoga practice, and teaches you only based on his personal experiences.

They Are Well Prepared

Another great thing about good yoga teachers is that they come prepared to their class. For example, they see what they have to teach, and prepare notes for the whole class in order to help them learn properly.