The Possible Ways of Identifying the State of Hypogonadism in Men

The Possible Ways of Identifying the State of Hypogonadism in Men

Both male and female bodies produce the testosterone hormone. But the level of hormone production is higher in male bodies and is cause for masculine characteristics. This testosterone production will be high during early adulthood. As the male gets age the level of hormone starts decreasing and it may around one to two percent for each year. This state of low-level testosterone hormone is called hypogonadism. Usually, the testosterone hormone is produced in the male testicles. Pituitary glands that control the testicles. The hormone helps toincrease the density of bone, decrease the fat content of the body, Improve red cell production, Sperm production, etc.Hypogonadism will disturb all these functions of the body and create unwanted medical conditions. Taking proper measures will activate the pituitary gland to send messages to testicles to produce more testosterone to balance the suitable health condition. This can be done either in natural ways, through therapy, or by taking supplement products. The symptoms of hypogonadism state can be easily identified as the body will clearly show it.

  • Uncontrolled Emotional: Loss of Concentration, confidence, and uncontrollable emotions are some of the symptoms of low testosterone levels.
  • Change of Physical Condition: Reduced muscle mass, bone strength, and increased weight are the physical symptoms that clearly indicate the low level of hormone production.
  • Disturbance in Sexual Life: Reduced sexual desire and infertility are also the symptoms of hormone decrement.

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